Tornador Foam Gun

The Tornador Car Foam Gun uses pressurized air to release loads of foam from all-purpose cleaners, soap/wax combos, and surface protection liquids. This is a cost-effective and highly efficient method for applying cleaners to exteriors, wheels, and carpet! Features & Details: • Deliver heaps of foam for easy cleaning. The Tornador Car Foam Gun produces exorbitant amounts of foam from multi-purpose cleaners, soaps with wax, and concentrated car wash shampoos. You’ll be able to get complete coverage of your vehicle. • The built-in brass air regulator controls pressure. You can control the amount of air pressure right from the handle of the gun. Increase pressure to create a higher volume of foam and decrease for less foam. • Conserve product and water. You only need a few ounces of product to create large amounts of foam. The rest of the tank is filled with water. Using air pressure eliminates the need for high water pressure, saving money on your water bill! • Use the foam gun to detail many components of your vehicle. You can use the Tornador Foam Gun to apply foam to painted surfaces, wheels and wheel wells, grills, carpets, and even upholstery seats.


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