Overspray Guard™ is a clear, sprayable masking liquid for body shops that, once applied, dries completely to form a barrier against primer, paint and undercoating overspray. Ideal for protecting those tough to mask areas. Overspray Guard™ is a ready to use, biodegradable, water-base liquid that is safe and easy to use. Contains water emulsified resin encapsulated in a thickening agent to create a smooth film that flows out evenly and dries quickly. Simply spray on surface with any spray gun system and allow to dry. Traps dirt and dust under its film and airborne dust and overspray on top of its protective film. Washes off easily with water. Safe for all cured painted surfaces. Contains a pleasant grape fragrance. Available in 5 & 55 gallon sizes. BODY SHOP SAFE. VOC COMPLIANT.