Flex "C Beast" Cordless Polisher

The Flex "C Beast" is a professional-quality cord-free polisher for activities like auto-detailing and car restoration. It has a SoftGrip front housing that allows the user to securely and comfortably hold the polisher for long periods of time. This 18 volt orbital polisher has a 6" backing pad and an efficient brushless motor. This set includes two high-capacity batteries and a rapid charger with LCD battery status displays. Set Includes: (1) polisher (2) batteries (1) battery charger (1) handle Specifications: 18 Volt Polishing Pad: 6.5" Backing Pad: 6" Speed (No Load): 2,300-3,800 RPM Orbit Rate (No Load): 4,600-7,600 OPM Orbit: 5.5" Battery Capacity: 5.0 Ah (2.5 Ah x 2 batteries) Cordless Features: Electronic management system (EMS) protects the machine, extends the service life, and increases efficiency. Brushless motor with greater efficiency and a longer service life. LED battery capacity display. Free-spinning drive for hologram-free finishing. Continuous speed control trigger for a gentle start and a lock-on for continuous operation. Cushioned special hook and loop pad for polishing. Counterweight for smoother operation. Flat gear head reduces distance to the surface. The machine can therefore be operated safely in any position. Front housing: ergonomically shaped with SoftGrip. The machine can be controlled with precision and is always comfortable yet secure to hold. Low heat generation on the surface makes it ideal for temperature-sensitive paints.


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